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XNA Game Studio 2.0
Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 25 June 2008

XNA Game Studio 2.0

The official book title is Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0: Learn Programming Now. As the title suggests, this book attempts to teach programming (in C#) using the XNA Game Studio environment.  The book works through several very basic games starting with simply coloring the entire screen a solid color and ending up with a "brickout" type game played with cheese, bread, and tomatoes. Each games introduces one or more new XNA concepts along with additional C# techniques. Already knowing C# meant that I could read through the book fairly quickly (it took me about 3 days) and pick out the XNA related topics.

I'm not sure that the book was successful in meeting the two different goals of teaching C# or XNA.  After reading through it I feel I do have a basic understanding of XNA but no where near enough information to start writing any sort of halfway serious game.  I now know enough to start playing around but there are lots of unanswered questions.  I also have a suspicion that there are lots of XNA classes that would automate many of the things that this book had us do by hand.

On the C# front I'm not convinced that the instruction the author provided was very good.  If a person didn't know any C# coming into the book I think they would walk away knowing a few bits and pieces but they really wouldn't know enough to start writing real C# programs.  

Maybe this is just the best that one can expect from a 300 page book that is trying to teach C# and XNA.  I'm glad I read it because it has prepared me for the next XNA book I'll be reading.  I would also recommend it to seasoned programmers who just want to get a feel for XNA.  I might even recommend it to new programmers but I'd also recommend that they get their C# programming knowledge somewhere else.



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