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Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 09 July 2008


A few years from now scientists discover that the sun is burning out much faster than they expected.  So much so that earth's climate has cooled to the point where humans will not be able to survive much longer. In a desparate attempt a ship is launched to the sun to explode a huge nuclear bomb in the sun in order to reignite it.  Along the way everything goes wrong.

Not long after the mission begins things start to go wrong.  Before long the crew realizes that there is a sabateur on board.  Then the movie becomes another version of Alien.  A small crew flying through space and being picked off one by one by the mysterious intruder.  Eventually the bad guy is destroyed, the bomb is sent into the sun, and the earth is saved.

Not a great movie.  Probably best to skip this one.

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