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Father of Dragons -- L. B. Graham
Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 06 August 2008

Father of Dragons

The books in the Binding of the Blade series get better with each installment.  Each book in the series starts right where there previous left off as if this was one, long, five volume book.  In this book we start to see all of the plans coming together (but things won't be resolved until the fifth book).  Even when all the plans that Aljeron and the others had been making have been falling apart, in Father of Dragons there is some hope.

Graham has continued to do an excellent job providing a wholesome and entertaining fantasy saga.  The early resemblance to Tolkien has long ago been superceded by Grahams own voice and story telling.  While the general writing level is at the young adult level it is certainly not juvenile.  The topics covered in the books are becoming more somber as the situation becomes more desparate.

Father of Dragons ends in the most dramatic cliff-hanger yet. Fortunately for readers the fifth book is also published and available.