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Babylon AD
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 11 September 2008

Babylon AD

Vin Diesel makes one kind of movie and this is it.  Lots of guns and explosions set in dreary cyber-punk framework (even Fast and Furious felt cyberpunk).  Usually there is a lone guy, Diesel, who is called in to be a reluctant hero.  Babylon AD follows the formula but it is still an entertaining movie.  The plot is a bit weak but I don't think that plot was the main point of this movie.

Toorop, played by Diesel, is a retired (I think) mercenary who is hired to transport a girl from a remote convent to the United States.  The typical things happen.  A group of people start chasing them as they try to make the against-all-odds journey.  Of course they make it.

I think there might have originally been more to the story than we ended up seeing but things were not put together all that well.  The movie is ok and entertaining for a rental but I wouldn't spend cinema prices to go see it.

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