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More Than A Carpenter -- Josh McDowell
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 09 November 2008

More  Than A Carpenter

I read this book once before years ago.  Back then I'm not sure I appreciated it as much as I did when I read it now.  I had forgotten how persuasive some of the simple and straight-forward arguments for classic Christian beliefs are.  McDowell does an excellent job of covering the issues in a clear and deliberate manner.  He covers everything from the deity of Christ to the reliability of the scriptures to the truth of the ressurection. A hardcore philosophical attack on the contents of this book would likely find some holes but I believe it easily covers 95% of the issues.  The other 5% is still up for grabs.

Books like this are too often easy targets due to sloppy reasoning and a lack of care about facts.  In this case McDowell is solid.  He has the data, along with footnote references, to back up his claims.  He doesn't state more than what the facts indicate.  He doesn't draw unwarranted conclusions.  This is a great little book.