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First Greek Book Answers Chapter XXX
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 12 September 2010

Chapter XXX

Here are the answers for Chapter XXX from my answer key for "First Greek Book". Each chapter (after chapter XII) has three types of questions.  The first are Greek to English translations of sentences and phrases.  The second are English to Greek translations of sentences and phrases.  The third is a Greek to English translation of a couple of paragraphs of text.  The text is taken from a simplified version of Xenophon's Anabasis.

Keep in mind that I am still learning so it is highly likely that there are errors in my answers.  If you find something that you think is wrong please let me know and I'll investigate it.


1) ευνοι δε Κυρω οι αρχοντες εισιν.

The rulers are well-disposed to Cyrus.

2) φιλοις ευνοις Κυρος πιστος ην.

Cyrus was faithful to well-disposed friends

3) απλους ην ο του φυλακος λογος.

The word of the guard was sincere.

4) τα δε δωρα ησαν στρεπτοι χρυσοι.

And the gifts were golden necklaces.

5) Κυρος ολιτῃ εκαστω πεμψει πεντε ηνας.

Cyrus will send five minas to each hoplite.

6) τι εν νῳ εχετε;

What is in your mind?  (What do you intend?)

7) τοτε εν τῃ γῃ πρωτοι ησαν ουτοι και εν τῃ θαλαττῃ.

Then what was first in the earth was also in the sea.

8) αι δε πελται χαλκαι ησαν.

And the spears were bronze.

9) δωρα δ' αυτω επεμψαμεν στρεπτον χρυσουν και ακινακην αργυρουν.

And we sent to him gifts of a golden necklace and silver short sword.

10) επολεμει τοις Θρᾳξι και κατα γην και κατα θαλατταν.

We was fighting the Thracians both on land and on sea.


1) Each of the heralds has five minas.

οι κηρυκοι εκαστοι πεντε ηνας εχουσι.

2) Cyrus sent the old man a gold collar.

Κυρος επεμψε τῳ γερῳ στρεπτον χρυσουν.

3) What does the commander intend?

τι εν τῳ του φρουραρχου νῳ εχει;

4) For Cyrus had a short sword of gold.

Κυρος γαρ εσχε ακινακην χρυσην.

5) The other generals are well-disposed to Xenophon.

ευνοι τῳ Ξενοφῳ οι στρατηγοι αλλοι εισιν.


τοις δε στρατιωταις υποψια μεν εστιν οτι αγει προς Αρταξερξην, ομως δε επονται.  προσαιτουσι δε μισθον. ο δε Κυρος υπισχνειται εκαστῳ στρατιωτῃ αντι δαρεικου τρια ημιδαρεικα, οτι δε επι τον αδελφον εν νω εχει πορευεσθαι ενταυθα ακουει ουδεις εν γε τῳ φανερῳ.

εν δε Ταρσοις Συεννεσις μεν εδωκε Κυρῳ χρηματα εις την στρατιαν, Κυρος δε εκεινῳ ιππον και στρεπτον χρυσουν και ψελια και ακινακην χρυσουν.

But the soldiers have suspicion that he leads to Artexerxes, and nevertheless they follow. And they beg for payment.  And Cyrus promises to each soldier that instead of a daric, three half-darics; and because he intends to proceed toward the brother he listens to no one, at least publically.




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