My 5k race for this month was another one very close to my home (about 2.5 miles from my house). In fact, a part of the 5k course overlapped with my normal training run that I try to do three times per week. This was one of the main reasons I picked this race and I’m glad I did it. It was the smallest race, in terms of participants, that I’ve done so far but it was really well organized. Before the race there were the standard sponsor tables but also a great band playing. I really liked the band and I thought they did an amazing rendition of “I Can See Clearly Now”

The race itself was nice and had a little surprise at the end. I always record my race with mapmyrun just as a backup in case the race timing itself gets lost. For the last part of the race I pushed myself to try and finish strong but when I crossed the line and looked at my app I saw that my time was over 49 minutes! That would calculate as a pace that was almost 16 minutes/mile. Way above what I thought I was doing. But I looked into a bit more and I saw that the app also said that I ran 3.5 miles instead of 3.1 (5k). I found the race organizer and asked her about it and she confirmed that this “5k” was actually a 3.5 mile run. That put my pace at 14:17. Whew! That was my best to date. Now I’m hoping to improve on that for June! Getting under 14 might be happening soon.

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