Last week we had an incident. We were trying to make dinner, just your average baked brie in puff pastry, but something didn’t go right. Instead of baking to a nice golden brown with gooey cheese in the middle, the cheese broke free of the wrap and started spilling down to the bottom of the oven. The melted cheese poured over the side of the dish and down right onto the flame jet of our gas oven. And guess what happened? Oven fire!

It was fun and exciting. For the first time ever I got to use the kitchen fire extinguisher. With just a couple shots from the red canister I was able to put out the fire but now we had an oven full of white power and a house full of smoke. With enough vigorous fanning and open windows we got everything cleared out but then we were left with a mess of an oven.

The oven has been going downhill for months. Every time we use it it is random luck to see if it will cook things on time or not. And the temperature throughout the oven itself is non-uniform — and it changes every time you use it. We’ve been talking about getting a new stove for a while and this was what pushed us over the edge. Last Monday we went to Best Buy and found a new Kitchen Aid gas range with double oven. The guys delivered and installed it yesterday and we’re using it today.  Victoria is making lemon cookies and brownies this afternoon and we all love that!

So the week that started with a fire, ended with a new stove and a happy family. Couldn’t be much better than that.

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